Friday, February 9, 2007

Sick of Being Sick

Well the flu bug has bit me this time. I have been sick since Monday. There isn't a place on my body that doesn't hurt. Even the hair on my legs hurt. I worked on Monday and got up Tuesday and felt like I was dying. Went to the Dr. and got some meds. Ten pills cost me $50.00!! And that was with a drug card. I had to wait for 3 1/2 hours to see the dr. He said he had seen over 70 people that day. All with the flu or a virus similar to the flu. What do people without insurance do about being sick? Most people don't qualify for government help unless you have 5 kids by 5 different daddys. Anyway I feel a little better now. We had a little bit of freezing rain and sleet in North Alabama this morning. You would have thought that we were having a major winter storm. Wrecks everywhere because people wouldn't slow down or just stay off the bridges. And then they pre-empted The Young and The Restless for weather up-dates. Now get real people. After lunch everything melted off. No need to rearrange the tv shows. And just when I was waiting to see if Lauren would shoot Phyllis or Sheila. They look just alike since...........well you can tell I have been sick this week. But I will watch it tonight on the soap opera network. Really hated to see where Anna Nicole Smith died. I got tired of seeing her or hearing about her but she really died to soon. She was a very pretty girl who had a very dramatic life. Maybe she brought part of it on herself but she still had most of her life ahead of her.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


My best friend Melody has a daughter named Devin. She races 4-wheelers. And I mean she races. We went Saturday nite to watch her. It was an indoor race. When you walk in and see the track you think "How can they race on that without killing someone?". They manage somehow. This girl can outrace the boys easily. She is well known in the racing group. Partly because she is a girl racing a 4-wheeler. But mostly because she can beat the boys. And the guys really respect her. I enjoy watching her race. My kid would love to try it. I don't have the money or nerve to put her out there. I video her races and Britt and I take pics for her. We have made her a pretty good collection. She has so many trophies and placques she has no where to hang them anymore. Her room is full and now they are going down the hall and in her bathroom. She was signing up for a race and a man with his little girl ask her was she going to race in the womens class (beginners). The man behind them looked at them and asked him "You don't know who this is do you?"
Don't you love it!! Her nickname is Smokey. My Britt thinks she is one of the coolest girls there is. You know, I think she is right.

Friday, January 19, 2007


I decided to give contact lenses a try. I only have to wear glasses when I read or work on a computer. Which is basically all day (work). And of course they are bifocals. Well here my daughter and I go to get our eyes checked. She was very disappointed when they told her she had 20/20 vision. Ain't that a kick in the head. A teenager who wants to have bad eyes. She thought she was going to get some colored contacts. The doc told us she could get some with just the color in them. Of course that started a very good "debate" between she and I. I won't pay for something that isn't needed. Plus you take a chance of getting eye infections. She said she would pay for them herself. Needless to say I won. The rule in my house is that I am the boss and I will ALWAYS win all arguments. At least with her. Then it was my turn. I already knew what he was going to tell me. I just had to let him do his thing (just check my eyes folks). To wear contacts that are bifocal you have to give up some of the ability to see farther away. Now I can see a road sign a mile away when I am driving. With these things in it is like-I don't quite know how to describe it-anything 10 feet in front of my truck looks like it has a halo around it. So I guess I will go back tomorrow and get me a new pair of specs. I don't like wearing glasses. Call it vanity or whatever. But to be able to see to read or do my job I have to. My old eyes just can't see all this little stuff. Why don't they make something to make our old bodies not wear out? Boy I wish I could invent something. I wouldn't have to worry about reading then!! I just wish more good-looking men would become eye doctors. I would rather have one of them leaning over me than a short rather chubby old one with very bad breath checking my eyes. Well we can't have everything!

Monday, January 1, 2007


The new year came in ratherly quietly for me. Went to a friends house and ate supper. Then we watched movies with the kids. Got home about 11:30. Of course I dosed off immediately so Britt had to wake me at midnite. Finished my laundry yesterday so I don't have to wash today. The black-eyed peas and cabbage are cooking now. I quit making new year resolutions a long time ago. Most people who do set their self up for failure. When you don't accomplish what you tell everyone you are going to do of course they remind you of it. So I call it making wishes and hope they are possible to come true. I have never be able to keep a resoultion. So here are a list of what I wish for and hope for the new year:

1. For everyone to be safe and healthy.

2. To be able to lose a few pounds.

3. To quit or at least cut back on smoking.

4. To keep my house and life more organized.

5. For my child to learn to respect me more and help more.

6. For everyone to be prosperious and happy.

I know that people can accomplish anything they really set their mind to. It's just when you are like me and have soooo many things going on sometimes that is hard to do. I can start off pretty good but then life kinda kicks in. Britt says maybe you will meet someone this year. If I do I do. If I don't I don't. I don't feel I am any less a woman without a man. My friends say I am looking for Mr. Perfect. What they don't understand is he doesn't really exist. I know lots of great guys. I consider several of them to be very good friends. But I just don't know (or have met any recently) that I would like to hang onto. My Mr. Perfect would be easy on the eyes (my eyes anyway), have a JOB, be trustworthy, honest, if he has kids a good dad and understand that my kid is very important to me and will come first. Any one know anybody that fits this description send a pic. I will check him out. Hope everybody has a great new year. May all your hopes and wishes come true.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


I went back to the dr today. My leg (the one with the lump in it) kept me awake most of the nite. That darn lump has grown about three times the size it was when I found it. At least the dr didn't laugh at me today. He couldn't believe that the other dr ( or so called dr) didn't give me something besides muscle relaxers. He thinks that I have some kind of infection in my leg. So he gave me some STRONG antibiotics that cost $5.00 per pill! And that is with a drug card. I got to take these for 10 days. If I don't see an improvement I have to go back. Then he said I would need a sonogram and he would probably send me to a surgeon for a biopsy. I hope and pray that it goes away. I sure don't need it to be anything else. They checked my white cell count and said it was fine. So they are pretty sure it is not cancer or anything like that. But they think it is awful big to be a lymph node. We will just have to wait and see. My kid got an I-Pod for Christmas. These things don't only prevent the user from hearing they hurt the hearing of anyone that is around them, too. I hope my daughter gets a good education because she will never make a living as a singer. TRUST ME!

Monday, December 25, 2006


Nothing is left but a large pile of paper and boxes on the living room floor. A lot of work goes into shopping and picking out the best gifts for it to end like this. All in all it was a good Christmas morning. My kid was up at 6:30. That is a new record for her. She went through several hundred dollars of gifts in about 4 minutes. Nothing new. Then she went with her dad to his mothers. I have a great relationship with my in-laws. Not the ex. I spent 12 years trying to be nice (10 before the divorce). Now I try to ignore him. I found out last year the easiest thing to do is not let him in my house. That way he doesn't get a chance to be rude and obnoxious. Got to go back to work tommorrow. My kid is finally over the flu and I am feeling somewhat better. My leg still bothers me some. I found out that a muscle relaxer gives me a hangover. So I ain't taking them anymore. We still haven't had Christmas with my family yet. Maybe this weekend. I told Brittany it would be like having Christmas twice. If we had known we were going to postpone we could have saved some money on the after Christmas sales. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I had a pretty good scare tonite. About 1 1/2 weeks ago I noticed a lump in my upper thigh. Right next to my groin. It has bothered me since then. It hurts more as I work or walk around each day. Today my leg started going numb, my arm started hurting, then I got a headache. The headache lasted a very short time and then me face started tingling. Weird huh? I wondered what it was that was causing this. The first time it happened in the grocery store. Then it happened a little later when I got home. My kid wanted me to go get checked out so off we went to the emergency room. All I could think of was "Am I having a stroke?" Well we signed in and took a seat. If I was having a stroke I would have died while I waited. Then I get the nurse with an attitude from hell. Anything I said was met with a very sarcastic remark. I seen Britt look at me and I knew what she was thinking. She was waiting on me to go off on this guy. But I behaved. It's Christmas. Seen the Doc. He is mashing on my leg and telling me to lift it and twist it. He says it is tendenitis. How do you get that in your thigh? It ain't like I have been in the sex olympics lately or anything like that. Anyway he doesn't know where all the tingling in my are and head is from. They kept asking me about stress and my home life. NO I DID NOT HAVE A PANIC ATTACK!! I told them that several times. It wasn't panic. It was just plain weird. Why is my body tingling in places it never has before? I was ask questions about my home life or was the grocery store crowded? Yea it is Christmas but no panic attack. Sent me home after a pill and a perscription for some ease medicine. Guess I will live for now. But if any more strange tingling starts up it is off to the next hospital in line in Decatur. We will see if they think just because it is the holidays you have to be having a panic attack if something ain't feeling right.